~Read what some of our current investors have to say about us~


“I have been very happy with my choice to invest with Southwest Montana Properties.  Each property I have invested in has been great quality real estate, with a good business plan and intriguing rates of return. The results have been at or greater than initial projections, showing success in their ability to manage the properties according to their proposed business plan.  And that is what investors really like – no surprises!” -R. S.

“My wife and I started our investment with Southwest Montana Properties in early 2014.  We had just sold our house and were looking for a smart way to park our profit.  We wanted to use real estate to inflation proof our investment portfolio.  We loved the idea of passive income from rental properties, but didn’t like the time or headache involved with being a landlord.  Beyond our monetary investment, I have personally known Chad and Brad for a few years.  They are outstanding men in Bozeman, Montana’s community, and have garnered my trust to care for and grow my investment portfolio.” -M. P.